CHS Consumes Much Paper

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CHS Consumes Much Paper

Emelie Ingle, Staff

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Did you know that paper for the school can cost over $3,600 for each order?

School bookkeeper Karen Hook orders the paper for CHS. She orders paper a lot more often than she should have to. Many schools use a lot of paper, but based on our number of students and staff, we use the most paper of all BCPS schools.

In her opinion, we are overusing paper and need to reduce the amount of paper being used.

“One hundred sixty cases, each case costing $22.97, would amount to $3,675.20. That’s a lot of money,” explained Ms. Hook.

Whether it’s the teacher’s choice people are making accidental copies, or maybe computers aren’t working correctly, CHS uses a lot of paper. Ms. Hook mentioned that this year and last year we used more paper than we ever did. Ironically, the usage spiked AFTER students received their computer devices, something that was unexpected.

“Now that we have the laptops for the kids, there should be less paper, but yet we don’t. I think it’s a waste,” Ms. Hook added.

Students at CHS spend more time on their computers, or use more paper, depending on which class and the work they are doing.

“We use most paper in English because we do a lot of writing and projects on paper. But in science, we mostly use our computers because we do more digital projects, and most materials are on the laptops,” mentioned junior, Will Nelson.

Some students prefer to use paper opposed to the computers, but other students like the computers better.

“I prefer paper over the school computers because you can retain the information more. Computers have a lot of problems and you can lose your work sometimes,” commented freshman, Maddie Geist.

“I prefer writing essays on the computers, but not regular classwork. I mess up a lot when I’m writing an essay, and it’s nice to be able to backspace and easily make changes. This would be a lot more work on paper,” shared freshman Cate McNamara.

Although everyone has different preferences about using paper or the computers, it is unfortunately not up to the students.

English teacher Christy Jordan said that there is a very large pile of paper in the copy room on the second floor.

“It is so big that it seems like our supply can stretch on forever. Maybe that’s a reason people see paper as so disposable,” added Ms. Jordan.

There are a lot of things we can all do to decrease the amounts of paper being used throughout our school. Students and teachers proposed that teachers could make all of the work digital and, rather than printing papers, have students submit all work digitally. Another idea was tracking printing. That is when teachers and staff are allocated a certain number of pages each year, forcing teachers to be purposeful with what they print.

There are many things we can all do to reduce the amounts of paper that we use and order, but it is a team effort that students and staff can work together to accomplish.