The School Day Gets Even Longer

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The School Day Gets Even Longer

Adam Carroll, Staff

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One of many new things this school year is that the school day was extended by 5 minutes.

This is a consequence of Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order, which ordered that school start after Labor Day and end by June 15 last year. BCPS went above the limit for snow days and would’ve had a hard time making those days up. However, the state granted a waiver, stating that the system wouldn’t have to make up those days in exchange for extending the school day this year.

Because of this agreement, periods were pushed back 5 minutes which made the dismissal time shift to 2:20 pm.

Sophomore Alex Liberto doesn’t see the big deal about the extended day.

“I feel that it doesn’t affect me a lot,” said Liberto.

Junior Evan Pappas, on the other hand, doesn’t understand the purpose of this change.

“I think the five-minute extension is pointless, and it doesn’t aid in education,” said Pappas.

Social studies teacher Joel Brusewitz doesn’t mind the extended day.

“I’d rather have five additional minutes each day than make up days,” said Mr. Brusewitz.

Another big development is that next year might see the day extended by 15 minutes.

The county school board had a hearing about the matter on September 20. This extra time would total an extra 45 hours of instructional time. It would also bring back the week-long Spring Break which was reduced to a four-day weekend as a result of Governor Hogan’s shortening the year.

Freshman Grant Harding thinks that despite the added school time, the longer Spring Break would be very beneficial.

“Well, I feel that it would be a good rap because 15 minutes is nothing,” said Harding. “Having a Spring Break would be a helpful thing for all students to get their minds off school and have a little bit of fun.”

Spanish teacher Angela Williams agrees.

“I’m completely fine with it,” said Mrs. Williams “BCPS has shorter school days than many other counties which people often don’t realize. That is how many other counties still fit in Spring Break.”