New Year, New Challenges

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New Year, New Challenges

Mona Kessy, Staff

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  The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year is bringing many new changes to the school, especially changes that enhance the educational resources for Catonsville High students. BCPS has introduced new devices (laptops) to Baltimore county high schools. Though the talk of the laptops has been discussed before in the previous years, the new addition to student’s education was a surprise to many in CHS. Now that the devices have arrived, students have different opinions about it.

  Students at CHS have always been used to the basic pen to paper education they have been receiving at school. But even before the devices came, the use of technology has increased over the years at Catonsville. Some classes took place at computer labs or even used laptops to complete assignments. MSA and PARCC tests also take place on the computers.

As the years go by, the use of technology increases, but how do the devices benefit students and their education?

“I thought it was a really good idea because not all students have access to them,” junior Anna Giolotti said.

Senior Olivia Hershfeld also agreed.

“It makes it easier to do assignments, and eventually all the resources are gonna be provided to you online,” senior Olivia Hershfeld stated.

Ultimately the laptops increase students’ academic responsibilities.

“You’re expected to do well and turn your assignments in on time, and a that’s a lot responsibility on us,” freshman Megan Kerhman explained.

  The devices come with many advantages that can benefit both teachers and students. The new Schoology system can be used to post class assignments, homework and even quizzes, making the use of devices not only useful but mandatory. But with pros come cons. Assigning classwork online becomes a problem as soon as something goes wrong with the laptop.

  Conflicts such as uncharged laptops or leaving devices at home are all problems that can interfere with a student’s progress in class.

“If you forget to charge them or forget to bring them to school, you are going to fall really behind,” freshman Megan Kerhman explained.

 Sometimes the devices tend to cause more harm than good. Most of the websites in the devices are blocked, and this type of conflict can slow down a class’ daily agenda.

 “Now that we got the devices, I don’t really like them because some of the resource given to us online are often blocked and they’re often very complicated to use,” junior Anna Giolotti said.