DIY Fundraiser Benefits Class of ’21

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DIY Fundraiser Benefits Class of ’21

Nikitha Mupparaju, Staff

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Catonsville High School is having a DIY fundraiser on Saturday, April 28th. CHS will be hosting the event while Stephanie  Persichitti will be instructing the event.  

“The instructor will arrive in the afternoon in the cafeteria on Saturday April 28,” Class of 2021 adviser Rebecca Mello said. 

Some of the proceeds will go to Stephanie Strings and some will go to the school. This fundraiser is a way to raise money for the Class of 2021 

Ms. Mello had this idea because she was friends with the event organizer. The school hasn’t done this type of fundraiser before. 

“I am excited for this fundraiser, it seems cool and different from other fundraisers I have been too,” freshman Katy Lamb commented. 

People attending should arrive promptly between 2:00-2:20 and the designing will begin at 2:45. The people attending will be able to participate in a DIY project. 

“It’s kind of an artsy board thing, so everyone gets a wood pallet, and the instructor will already have nailed in nails and everyone gets to connect the string with the colors that I want. Then when you hang it on your wall, it looks very cool…it kind of looks like it was painted but it wasn’t painted. It will be really fun.” Fundraiser organizer Rebecca Mello said. 

Each person will be able to personalize theirs. They can choose which design the want to do, it’s completely up to them. 

“Also, each person can personalize theirs, so people can do the high school, their graduation year, the state flag.” Fundraiser organizer Rebecca Mello commented. 

The event has an attendee cap, it will sell out quickly. It is best to buy them early because more spots won’t be available. 

A single ticket is $35.00 plus a $4.01 fee. An early bird group of four discount is also available for $130.00 plus a $9.30 fee. 

The link to sign up is here.