Club Fundraising Ramp Up

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Club Fundraising Ramp Up

Katrina Bucher, Staff Writer

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Clubs and teams are central to the CHS experience, and at the end of the year especially, finances for end-of-the-year competitions and materials for next year appear on the horizon. Teams and clubs are scrambling for fundraising activities that raise money quick. 

Future Business Leaders of America travel for their national competition every year, which include multiple expenses such as hotel rooms, food, and more. Luckily, the tournament was local this year, but fundraising could have been a real issue.  

Junior treasurer of FBLA describes their fundraising tactics of the past and plans for the future. 

“We’ve had great success with restaurant fundraising, especially, such as local places like Peace a Pizza. We plan to contact more restaurants and get more dates set for our Nationals tournament this summer,” stated Decker. 

The Speech and Debate team also fundraise for national tournaments every year, and in the past these tournaments have been as far away as California or Kentucky. This makes fundraising a really important part of the club, sometimes doing two or three in the span of a couple months in comparison to other clubs. 

Speech and Debate Advisor Cayla Coover has many ideas about what worked well for the team. 

“In the past, we’ve done plant sales, and they have always brought in a lot of money from the community, especially if we plan it around Mother’s Day. Most people don’t immediately think of selling them [plants], but people always need them in the spring,” explained Ms. Coover. 

Of course, regular sports teams also require a lot of fundraising for uniforms and new equipment, which can be very costly. The varsity softball team recently fundraised to afford a second newer uniform, so that there is one uniform for home games and one for away.  

Junior Caroline Brady describes what fundraising for such a large amount of money entailed. 

“We did a car wash pretty much all day and took donations, and it was very inexpensive on our part. We ended up raising a lot of money,” stated Brady. 

Along with softball, the Track and Field team has also seen success with the classic car wash. 

Junior Eva White finds carwashes to be the best method.  

“We do one every year on Frederick Road near the 7- Eleven and McDonalds, and on a Saturday morning it attracts a lot of people. It is such a busy location it works really well for us,” stated White. 

Fundraising is essential to any club or team, and it’s not always as easy as it seems. While the classic ways to fundraise work well, some organizations branch out and try new methods. .