Basics of Drawing


Logan loza, staff

Being an artist can come in many forms as photography, drawing, painting, dancing, and even architecture. Today we will focus on the basic form of art, and that is drawing. Drawing as a form of art originated over 30,000 years ago and eventually came to what it is today. Drawing is a form of expression on paper with lines and color and is very easy for anyone to pick up and try to learn.  

What do you need to start drawing? Well expensive materials are not necessary, especially not big-name brands like Prismacolor or Royal & Langnickel. Rather, you need basic pencils, a sketchpad, and an idea for what you want to draw.  

If you know what you want to draw, then let’s learn about your main tool, the pencil, and how you can use one portray your ideas. The pencil you use and the way you grip it can affect the way your lines show up.  

There are usually two groups of pencil typesthe B pencils and the H pencils. The difference is that B pencils have softer graphite and therefore are darker and harder to erasethe H pencils have harder graphite and give off a much lighter line opposed to the B pencils.  

According to travelling convention artist Tim von Reuden, he recommends, starting somewhere on the H scale to lay down a foundation,” and finishing with B pencils for dark bold lines. This will help you with basic outlines for the drawing. 

When drawing, you first must have an idea or something you want to portray on paper, and that can start from simple things such as favorite characters in shows or videogames or landscapes. 

“I didn’t have enough skill, so I drew simple characters or even traced them to get a feel for it, senior Yoonmi Oh she explained. 

When it comes to being a student artist, don’t be ashamed to copy or trace to get a feel for art, especially characters. Just draw whatever comes to mind and what you enjoythe drawing doesn’t have to be a Picasso painting but just rather something to get you familiar with the shape and details of the object. 

According art teacher Al Grossothe best way is to “just make some marks” to get used to the format; if you are really passionate about art, “takart classes to help with the basics, even fundamentals of art can help”. 

So, now that you know how to get started, go out and just put your mind to the paper and inspire yourself to create different pieces of art.