Tips for Going to A Concert


Jessica Lednum, Staff

Concerts are a great place to connect with the ones around you, as well as the artist(s) performing. They create communities of people who share similar interests.

Nielsen Holdings, an American information, data, and measurement firm, says that 52 percent of Americans attend concerts. The top 3 music genres of 2019 are Electronic, Rock, and Hip-Hop. These genres are known for their upbeat tempos. The artist(s) perform with very high energy and the audience gives back the same amount. Due to the large amount of people attending concerts and the type energy present, it’s very important to feel safe and comfortable during the show.

Here are some tips for attending a concert.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.

Depending on the venue, there will be either seats or no seats. Most likely you’ll be standing the entire concert. You want to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to dance in, but also to stand for a long period of time. Open toed shoes wouldn’t be a good idea since someone will step on your feet.

“It’s important to make a conscious decision about what shoes to wear to a concert. Not only should they be comfortable, but they should be shoes that you’d be okay with getting messed up if anything were to happen,” senior Sierra Kinsler suggested.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing.

You can wear anything you want, but keep in mind that you’re going to be moving around. You will be in a large crowd of people, which means the temperature will get hot. Pick an outfit that you will feel comfortable dancing in and that is appropriate for your environment.

  1. Eat a meal and drink water before the show.

You want to have enough energy to last the entire concert. If you can, have a bottle of water with you during the show. Between dancing and most likely singing along, it’s easy to get dehydrated. You should constantly rehydrate yourself. Some venues have food and drinks available before a show. It isn’t ideal to eat during the concert as it may bother the ones around you. There’s also a lot of movement during a concert, so eating can cause a safety concern.

“Eating and drinking before concerts, I’d say, has saved my life. At concerts, fainting is surprisingly common. I think this is definitely a result of neglecting to drink lots of water. During every concert I’ve been to I’ve felt very stable and was really able to enjoy the moment while feeling well hydrated and energized,” Kinsler emphasized.

  1. Bring a portable phone charger.

Recording our concert experience on phones is becoming more common. It’s also common to take pictures of the performers and/or you and your friends. If that’s your plan, then have a portable charger with you to ensure that your phone won’t die.

“It’s helpful for me to bring a portable charger because when I’m at a concert, I tend to want to capture every moment, meaning I’m probably going to be recording the entire thing. Also, I’m going to need to be able to communicate with whoever is picking me up or if I need to call an Uber,” senior Don’ya Truesdale explained.

  1. Bring cash.

Every artist has merchandise that they sell at their shows. Owning an item proves that you attended their concert. Items can range from $10 to $100, depending on the type of item it is. Most of the time, people who attend one of the first shows upload a picture of the merchandise table; the table displays all the merchandise available, along with the prices. This becomes helpful because you’ll get an idea of what you want to buy and how much money to bring.

  1. Bring a small bag.

Have a bag big enough to hold your valuables, but small enough to not be a hassle in the security line and for you. You’ll be dancing and moving around, you wouldn’t want the weight of your bag to prevent you from doing so.

“At concerts, there’s so much going on that someone could steal your things, you could lose things, you can break things. So, if you have something to keep all your stuff in, you can keep everything together without any worries,” Truesdale specified.