Let`s Celebrate National Make A Dog`s Day

Samantha Meek, Staff

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October 22th was known to be a special day…for very special dogs. It is National Make A Dog`s Day when dogs are given the best day of their lives: to be adopted from shelters. 

National Make A Dog`s Day is made to encourage people to adopt a dog and helps benefit shelters through these adoptions. An adoption can make any dog`s day because they`ll be entering into a new life, a new home, and a new family. Also, even if they don’t adopt a pet, people even take shelter dogs on walks, as well as donate chew toys, grooming supplies, and new blankets to them. 

The car company Subaru is participating in this special day. Sharing this event in the news and on social media, Subaru is working with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to support dogs that don`t often get adopted. These are the special needs dogs, senior dogs, dogs with birth defects and physical challenges, visually/hearing impaired dogs, and amputees. 

Also, for 11 years, Subaru partnered with the ASPCA and have raised close to $25 million and helped more than 57,000 dogs to be adopted.  

These adoptions have saved thousands of dogs. Over 3.3 million dogs have entered sheltersand 1.5 million shelter animals have been euthanized each year. These adoptions have saved these dogs and numerous other pets from such a fate. 

Sophomore Olivia Peters has a big love for dogs, and her family adopted a special needs dog with epilepsy. 

When I think about it, these dogs do deserve a better life. This day is a good day for dogs who need to be adopted and have the love of a forever home. I think it`s really nice for dogs to have that day where they can find hope,” Peters said 

Math teacher and Relove Club instructor Becky Mello hadn’t heard of this event until this year and agrees that it`s a really great idea to celebrate it. 

“I hope it works for shelters and things like that, but I try to make my dogs` day every day,” Ms. Mello explained.