How Depression Affects Students

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How Depression Affects Students

Olivia Peters, Staff

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          To some students, school is the last place they want to be. This can be because they believe the classes are too hard or they think they won’t need the knowledge in the long run. For some, it can be a different reason, a deep and stressful reason.  

          Approximately 4.4 million students suffer from depression. Depression itself has several symptoms, which also includes physical symptoms. These symptoms can vary; some people experiencing them and some not so much.  

          When asked how depression effects them, students gave some of the problems they face. 

          “Somedays… it affects me,” sophomore Amy Blank statedOn some days, it will just be really bad and I won’t be able get out of bed, but yeah I have to. So, I get to school and I’m not paying attention to anything. It’s really hard to care when all you’re thinking about is this ’thing’ in your head. Like, nothing matters.”  

          Upon asking the question, many different answers were provided, but an answer from one student demonstrated how she copes with her depression. 

          “One of the ways I motivate myself is I talk to the universe, which is weird to some people,” sophomore Kayla Hayden admitted. “I don’t really talk to anyone about my problems, but the universe isn’t there to be like; ‘Here’s what you should do.’ or ‘Here’s what you should be thinking.’ I can kind of just motivate myself by saying what I want to do with the day even if the people around me don’t like it.” 

          Hayden also talks about her views on being her own best friend, viewing herself on being the most important person in her life. She explains that without being her own best friend, she wouldn’t be as stable as she is today. Being her best friend helps her take care of herself mentally.  

          Students provided more than enough information about how they deal with their depression in school, but is it the same for everyone? Lauren Flynn, therapist in the Catonsville area, provides more information on the troubling disorder that millions of teens struggle with. 

          “When a person is struggling with Major Depressive Disorder, they may find that multiple aspects of their daily life are impacted.  Simple everyday tasks can be difficult and feeling that you are not meeting goals can be a cycle of disappointment and frustration. Depression can impact an individual’s ability to focus on and complete tasks,” she explained. 

          She backs up the idea that depression can be terrorizing to teens outside of school, but the symptoms of depression hit hard when it comes to the stress of school. Students like Hayden and Blank are only two kids who struggle with depression, but there are so many more kids out there who don’t have these coping skills and struggle in silence.