Save the Turtles Craze


Samantha Meek, Staff

Sea turtles are considered one of the most endangered species on the planet. They`ve also been poached and killed for their meat, eggs, and shells, and they have also been accidentally caught in fishing nets. Recently, concern about turtles has reignited, especially on social media. 

The main concern these days is that their ocean homes are polluted with trash, mostly plastic. Turtles eat the plastic, causing starvation, sickness, or any kind of harmmostly because the turtles and other marine animals think that the plastic is food.  

“The overflow of plastic makes me really mad because I care about the ocean life,” junior Maxine Guevarra protested. 

This environmental problem has become so bad that people are working very hard to come up with ideas of trying to solve it 

“It causes animal life to become extinct because they`re suffering from the overflow of plastic,” Guevarra explained. 

Ideas to save the sea turtles are varied. One such idea is encouraging people to participate in clean-up crews to reduce flow of plastic and avoid disturbing turtle babies` nesting areas, suggested by the website, NOAA Fisheries. They also suggest using reusable products, such as reusable water bottles and metal strawsAccording to the websiteTurtlesaversthe metal straws were made to reduce 9.5 billion straws dumped into the ocean each year.   

Including different benefits from the website, GetGreenNow, metal straws provide numerous benefits to the ocean and beaches. First of allmetal straws are also reusable and easy to clean since they are stainless steel; this is beneficial because straws plastic straws are used only once, then thrown away.  

Other recommendations are using reusable products, like water bottles or cloth shopping bags instead of plastic ones.  Reusing plastic containers also affects the environment.  

Plastic bottle caps are one of the main reasons why plastic bottles affect the environment and the wildlife. Mistaking it for food, numerous animals eat the bottle cap, and many other bits and pieces of plastic. Yes, not just bottle caps and plastic straws but, also small, ripped, and broken pieces of plastic were also mistaken for food. 

Throughout the years, sea animals and birds have eaten lots of plastic and have died due to eating much. This chokes them or it fills up their stomach so they cannot eat real food. 

This new idea of reusable products has become very popular, especially to environmental activists because of its benefit to help the animals and their environment.  

“I use reusable products, including reusing bottles and I also recycle,” Guevarra included. 

The real benefits for developing reusable products are that they`re eco-friendly because making plastic releases toxic chemicals that could get into the air, water, and earth. Most of the time, they`ve been improperly disposed. People throw them out the earth instead of a darn trash can, and when ingested by any animal that sees one, they are likely to choke on it or clog the gills of a fish 

It`ll also decrease the waste in landfills. It is said that the world produces 335 million metric tons of plastic and, little gets recycled and the rest dumped into the sea or piling up landfills. Plastic can also take 1,000 years to decompose.