The Misconceptions of Pitbulls

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The Misconceptions of Pitbulls

Samantha Meek, Staff

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Dogs are a man`s best friend. When we look a dog, we think, “Aww. He/she`s so cute. Can we keep him/her?”  

But what about pit bulls? Why don`t they get the same treatment and love that any dog gets? Why do people criticize them? What are they so afraid of? 

Pit bulls are known to have a very sad reputation because their owners put them in dog fightsand have suffered other abuses and neglect, such as being dumped. Because of this, people make up assumptions about them thatin reality, are not true.  

This has also become a big problem in the US because people are afraid to help them because of what they are, but they`ll never know that they`re actually very sweet dogs. Many are euthanized at shelters because they aren’t adopted because of their breed. 

Because of their reputation, people believe and create myths about them, such as having locking jaws and strong bite force, or that they are aggressive towards people. Those myths are simply not true.  

According to Chris White, an author who wrote about the misconceptions in the website Huffpostthey don`t have locking jaws because if they did, they wouldn`t be able to eat or drink or even pant like any dog wouldthey also don`t have a strong bite force. He also explains that it`s not about how you raise pitbulls, it`s how you treat them. 

According to the website Puppytoob, some say that they`ll against their owners and hurt other people but, pit bulls, in nature, were never meant to harm humans and are loyal and loving dogs, just like many others. 

Recently, a pit bull was stabbed 11 times in the neck, back, and tail as torture and was found by BARCS (The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter); after recovery, the dog is said to be a soulful, loving dog, as shown in WJZ website. 

Some CHS students own people and argue in favor of the breed. 

“I own a pit bull named Moka, and she`s very sweet. It`s crazy what these people think about them. I can never imagine my dog doing something like that,” junior Emily Bekiaris commented. 

Sophomore Rayne Thompson has two sweet pit bulls that have had two litters of puppies. She explains that “they`re friendly in nature but also protective.  

It gives you a bad taste when people talk to them in a bad way. When I tried to sell the puppies, and someone asks what kind of dog it is and, I say it`s a pit bull, they`ll just walk away,” she explained. 

Some CHS teachers own pit bulls and support adopting the breed. 

I`ve rescued a pit bull mix from a rescue shelter and he`s very sweet,” English teacher Caitlin Abbott explained. “I`ve seen many pit bulls in other shelters and they are very sweet.” 

She alsadds about what she thinks when someone shares a dirty opinion about them. 

“There`s, like, nothing wrong with them. It`s not fair to label them as bad, just think that people are not educated about them; a closed mind view, she protested. 

Math teacher and Relove Club instructor Rebecca Mello said that the true reasons for these misconceptions are because of the owners, not the dogs themselves. 

She said that every dog, not just pit bulls, can be trained and can be a cuddly teddy bear with the right owner.”  

Math teacher Melissa Newberry replies that through her experience in working in numerous shelters, she believes they`re amazing dogs, loving and sweet. 

“I feel awful because they have a bad reputation, and it`s not their fault,” she expressed. 

She also includes that back in the 1800`s, pit bulls were used as “nanny” dogs; people left their kids with the dog so the dog could protect the child. 

Some may disagree with these students and teachers` opinions.  

Reading teacher Christine Peter explains how their “aggression” makes her want to never own a pit bull.  

“I wouldn`t own one because of their reputation for aggression,” she explained 

Despite what we say, the only thing we can hope for is for people to see the fact that pit bulls were never made to be this way. It`s like a newborn. They don`t know anything until you teach them. People don`t even realize that what they say will affect the love and innocence of a dog and will make them feel lonely and more criticized. There is still hope for pit bulls and numerous dogs alike.