Stewart Joins Counseling Department as Chair

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Stewart Joins Counseling Department as Chair

Emelie Ingle, Staff

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School counseling department chair Brian Stewart is a new member to the CHS staff. He comes to CHS from Woodlawn High School where he was an interim DC during the 2017-18 school year. 

Mr. Stewart studied psychology, history, and pre-law at Nazareth College before going to the University of Rochester for his Master’s in Counseling. Initially, he wanted to be a lawyer, but found out that he was more interested in helping students. 

“I always found working with students interesting, although I wasn’t the best student myself. I wanted to do more to help kids before they got in trouble. I always liked psychology and wanted to know how to help kids out and find their way earlier on,” he explained 

As Mr. Stewart mentioned, he was not the best student, but he had many influences that helped him find his way and encouraged him.  

“I had quite a few teachers who pushed me to pull myself together in school, and I respected them a lot for that. My U.S. History teacher was the one who helped me the most. My mom was a teacher and I grew up with her as an influence as well,” said Stewart. 

After his first job in rural North Carolina working with Pre-k to 8th grade, he came to Woodlawn in Baltimore County. He loves working at CHS and enjoys working with the kids heretoo.  

“It’s a big school. I like how we have a lot of different kids with different backgrounds and interests. The kids are great, a lot of high-achieving people,” he explained. 

As a counselor, Mr. Stewart helps kids with academics and classes/future plans, as well as making sure they are good in an emotional state. Many kids struggle and need help with these things.  

He does traditional work as a counselor and working to manage the whole counseling department.  

Putting together all of the procedures, lessons all that fun stuff behind the scenes, that no one ever sees,” added Mr. Stewart.