Five Trendy Ways to Upgrade Your Room

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Five Trendy Ways to Upgrade Your Room



Mona Kessy, Staff

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A Pinterest guide to decorating your room  

We all know Pinterest, for it is the ultimate site for inspiration, from pictures of your dream car to tips on hair growth. Trying to convert these ideas to be your own on your own can be a difficult task. Especially if you are using these projects to refresh your room. 

Every room is unique and individualized. Adding things such as the furniture or paintings you see on online can be expensive, and most don’t always end up with the result you expect; however, there are many simple and inexpensive hacks you can use to create your Pinterest-inspired bedroom.  

For example, adding a simple body mirror against your bedroom wall not only adds something new to your room, it also creates the illusion that your room is bigger that it is. You could decorate your mirror with items such as flowers, pictures or even light.  

“Take advantage of a mirror’s reflection to bring attention to a gorgeous vase or another attractive feature,” Central Glass explains. 

Lights are an easy addition that can bring a new warmth and color to your room.  You can have LED lights lined around bedroom walls or even at the top of your bed. You can add more light sources from candles or natural light from a window nearby. Turning these lights on at night will give your room a different setting, making it harder to resent the room and giving you something to look forward to when go home.  

“Get a table lamp or a floor lamp to get light coming from different heights around your room,” suggests.  

Junior Lauren Neebe is a big fan of creative lighting. 

“I get Christmas lights and hang them around my room for lighting,” Neebe shared.  

Consider posters and wall art to make your room unique. Something such as a nice painting or framed quotes can bring a room together and even create some inspiration. Even tapestries are great for covering a lot of space with different patterns and colors.  

“There are pictures of eyelashes and makeup because those are the things I am interested in. I have a lot of pictures and quotes on my wall that give me inspiration,” junior Camiya Lewis explained.   

Because beds take up majority of the space in your bedroom, it’s important to make sure that yours looks like more than just a blanket with a pillow on top. Quilts, duvets, and fluffy pillows are good options to add on your bed. A furry rug on the floor or even the number of pillows on your bed can really make a big difference. 

“As long as you have place to put them, pillows can go pretty much anywhere, from the floor to a bench to a sofa to a bed,” explains  

Neebe added another idea.  

“You can get cloth from any craft store and cut and make drapes and pillow cases,” she suggested.  

These tips can really transform your room into something that defines your personality. With just a little effort and time, you can create something unique and creative.  

 We should be able to know what a person is like when we enter their room. My brother has a lot of things related to football in his room, and you can that he is very into football and that he is athletic. The little things can tell you a lot about a person,” Lewis shared.