Plan for the Big 1-6 Bday


Ashley Metzbower, Staff

The age sixteen is the age most teens hit right in the middle of high school, and it’s a big deal. Sweet 16s are normally shown as this huge transition of someone’s life in movies, their body changes drastically overnight and then they have a big party celebrating this change. 

In reality, being that those changes don’t actually occur, why is it such a big deal? 

“I guess it’s sort of just a milestone. It’s the age of maturity, like in some religions such as for Jewish boys and girls it’s 13 or 12,” stated sophomore Sofie Pulone discusses how 16 is a shift into young adulthood and a coming of age. It also explains traditions of a “Sweet 16 party,” such as presents and 16 candles on the birthday cake. 

Now the question is, if it is such a big deal what should someone do for their sixteenth birthday? 

“I went out to a nice restaurant with a few of my close friends and my family. The food was good, and it was great to just be around the people I love on my birthday, exclaimed sophomore Max Powell.  

Going out to a fancy restaurant or going somewhere to eat at that may feel more special is very common because depending on where the person goes out to eat, it may not be as expensive as some other options.  

Junior Hannah Stone said she as well went out to dinner with all her friends to Sakura. 

Others threw bigger parties. 

“I had a sweet sixteen party. Lots of people came; people I love and who I’m friends with. We all dressed nicely; there was a DJ, and we all just danced and jammed out to some good music. We hung out, ate, played foosball, and just did whatever made everyone happy. It was bigger than any party I’ve ever had and was so much more formal,” explained sophomore Sami Hewitt. 

Another common way to celebrate sixteen is throwing a party. Some people rent a party space or do it at their own home. This may include music, food, and normally a larger group of people. 

“Me and one of my very close friends are two days apart and are turning 16 in August. We were thinking about having a combined party, being that we share a lot of the same friends and also for the sake of our parents’ money if we rent a place to party at,” said Pulone. 

Some people also have a hotel party. With a group of friends, it can be fun to go to a local hotel, do things like go to the pool, and then stay the night. 

Another little getaway, sometimes depending on the season, is going to the beach for the weekend and staying in a hotel or condo. 

Taking some friends to an amusement park, like Hershey Park, is also another fun option for summer birthdays. 

At sixteen, one is almost eligible to drive, so they may be surprised with something like a car. Presents from parents or relatives sometimes are bigger than others, like junior Marciss Lawson’s gift. 

“I got $800 from my parents and went on a shopping spree,” shared Lawson. 

Make the best of sixteen and be sure to have fun!