AP Tests: Value or Not?


Zayd Zaghari, Staff

As the school year came to an end, students at CHS prepared for AP tests in hope of receiving college credit.  

No matter the subject, students agreed these tests require extensive studying in order to achieve a good score. However, the question as to whether AP tests are worth it is open for debate.  

Teachers aren’t all in agreement. 

“It’s all about the student’s choiceit all matters on their circumstance, but for the most part they are worth it considering the college credit you can receive,” said Sarah Sheetz. 

In search for more clarity, math teacher Gabby Hawkes stepped in to provide additional statements. 

“I don’t think taking them is completely worth it, unless you can masterfully study for all of them. Some institutes don’t even accept the credit, and most those that do only accept 4s and 5s,” said Mrs. Hawkes. 

To determine if an AP tests is worth it is up to an individual, their grade, and the colleges they are looking at.  

For example, a junior in AP Physics is averaging a D in the class. They’re not sure what college they want to attend so as a result, they are not aware if the AP credit will even transfer to the university they apply to. In addition to this they may not even get a good score on the test considering they’re current grade and work ethic. In this scenario, its in the student’s best interest to save the 95 dollars and just take the school administered final exam.  

At this point it becomes clear that the validity and worthiness of an AP test are up to an individual basis and calculating the risk/reward factor can play a pivotal role in a person’s decision to take it.  

In conjunction with teachers, AP students also had mixed reviews about these intimidating exams. 

“I think it’s a win-win situation no matter what your score on the test. Getting anything above a 3 can potentially give you college credit and taking the test in general can get you an automatic A on your final for most teachers,” said junior Maddi McClean. 

“No, its not worth it at all. The margin for error is low and many universities have placement exams for students to take anyway in order to get credit or get into more advanced classes. I could understand someone paying $95 for one test that they are truly studying for, but not for four or five different exams,” said senior Chris Kim.  

At the end of the day, it’s a personal decision students must choose as almost $100 to take a test is not something to be taken lightly.