An Unsung Hero of the Front Office


Emilie Ingle, Staff

Students go to the main office for many of reasons. Whether it be trying to find something in the school or talking to someone there, they all visit the office at some point.

But what is it like to work in the office? Or being the person who answers everyone’s questions?

Fay Shivers works as the school’s front office secretary. Her job is essentially to take care of the entire school including the kids, the parents, or anything else that comes up.

“There is never, ever, ever an average day. It’s the same things that happen, but it’s never actually the same things,” said Mrs. Shivers.

A normal teacher has one main job in the school, that is to teach their classes. But as an office worker, there is a very large range of responsibilities that they can have.

“I’m in charge of doing suspensions, project of ten packets, required print conference letters, mail, keep up the general office up here. I take care of parents when they come in, take care of kids when they come in, take care of administrators. If anyone comes in the office, it’s my job to help them with whatever the need,” explained Mrs. Shivers.

Many students didn’t know the office secretary has a big role in keeping the school in order.

“I am surprised that the secretary in the office, although has little attention brought to them, did so much for the school. I didn’t know the secretary of the office was so important,” exclaimed freshman Sophia Rivera.

Like in every job, there are both good and bad sides to working in the office.

“The worst part of my job is when people lie to me, and I know that they are lying. The best part of my job is when kids that have been struggling to get through school, finally get through,” shared Mrs. Shivers.

Mrs. Shivers does enjoy helping kids or anyone who needs anything. She is very friendly and a great person for the job of our school’s secretary.

“I don’t go in the office often, but when I do, I always talk to Mrs. Shivers first. She helped me find the Guidance Counselor’s office when I didn’t know where to go,” shared freshman Megan Kehrman.

Even though Mrs. Shivers is very helpful to many students, she doesn’t get a lot of recognition.

“No, I don’t think the workers in the office get as much recognition as they deserve. Before I went into the office one time, I didn’t know who the secretary was or what they really did for the school at all,” mentioned freshman Cate McNamara.

Mrs. Shivers is great at her job and is always willing to help anyone who walked into the main office. Although the office workers do a lot for the school, it is mostly behind the scenes.