Catch a Car or Bus Ride?


Mona Kessy and Bineta Lo

Being able to drive during the last two years of high school is important to many students after they earn their drivers’ licenses, but with free transportation such as school buses, do students need self-transportation at all?

Some students believe that using a school bus is the best solution for school transport.

“I do find the need for self-transportation useless because why go through the trouble by driving to school and paying for gas when it’s free to ride the bus every day?” freshman Hadasia Chinedu explained.

But not every student is a fan of the school bus.

“Whenever I get to the bus stop, I always have to wait for longer periods of time before my bus eventually comes. It also sucks because if I need to get things done in the morning, I won’t be able to,” sophomore Era Tial said.

Others just find school buses time-consuming.

“Since I use the school bus, it takes about 30 minutes just to get home. If I were driving, it would probably take about half of that time,” sophomore Sarah Marini shared.

Another factor that may force a student to want to drive is how sometimes buses can be dirty, smell bad, and feel musty.

“Our bus always smells like weed and vape juice. There’s gum and trash on the ground all the time, and it’s honestly disgusting,” sophomore Linda Par explained.

When driving on their own, there are less limitations to what students can do since it’s their own car, and they would be in control.

“When I’m in my car, I don’t have to worry about being hot because I have my AC. I can play my own music instead of listening to music that I don’t like on the bus,” sophomore Temiloluwa Ajepe said.

Another reason student would rather drive than take the school bus is noise.

“People on my bus are always very loud; it results in me having a headache. Sometimes it’s hard to hear even with earphones sometimes,” Par added.

Of 15 students that were asked if they would rather drive or take the bus… ALL of them said they would rather drive. However, for financial reasons like not owning a car or having money to pay for gas or insurance, most ride the bus still.