Child Development Classes Study Pregnancy, Labor, & Delivery

Samantha Meek, Staff

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Child Development classes are starting a new unit about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This is especially important for students if they want to have children in the future or have a job related to pregnancy and/or childbirth. One possible career is being a doula, an individual that helps the mothers during the stages of pregnancy and labor.

“It`s important to take because it`s a part the county`s curriculum and important for all students who earn their 90-hour child care service certification in the class,” family studies teacher Christina DeSimone explained.

What`s most important in this lesson is labor and delivery.

“It`ll help students learn about everything in pregnancy and labor while hearing stories from mothers of their pregnancy. The speakers also help the students get experience if they want a job involving pregnancy, especially when learning about labor/delivery. These lessons empower you to make the best choices for each individual,” DeSimone shared.

There is also another purpose in adding the unit.

“Early education also helps with decreasing teen pregnancy,” she added.

Many students in the class are looking forward to the change.

“It`s interesting because it`s new information to learn about. I learned about the stages of labor and how birth can be done. I also learned that there are labor coaches to help with pregnancy: doulas,” sophomore Nicole Pleasant shared.

Other found a baby’s development to be most interesting.

“I believe it helps other students who have gone through pregnancy. I learned many things, like stages of labor, the number of weeks of how the baby slowly forms. I also learned that sometimes some babies are not fully developed in some areas of the body,” junior Enas “Kyle” Zablah added.

Student also shared how this pregnancy unit changes their view on having children.

“Now, I feel like I don`t want any medication in pregnancy and will do a water birth,” Pleasant expresses.

“I did think about having a kid, but after this lesson, I don`t think I want to; looks like a lot of pain,” Zablah shares.

Some other students share their own stories about witnessing labor and delivery.

“I witnessed my mom`s pregnancy and saw a women’s water break,” Zablah shared.