Plans for a No-Break Spring Break


Bineta Lo, Staff

This year, BCPS provided two school days for Spring Break. One week or so would probably be more convenient for some. With only four days off, and two being during the weekend, that gave students limited time get done what they needed done. The purpose of a break is to rest, clear the mind, and, most importantlynot worry about school. 

While some students tried to make the most of their Spring Break, others just treated it like a regular weekend (just a little longer). 

“Since there wasn’t that much time over the weekend, I realized there are many tests towards the end of the year; it was beneficial to take that time and study,” sophomore Greame Leoni-Fernandes said. 

Would CHS students prefer Spring Break as it was this year or nave it be longer next year, something that seems to be possible per the BCPS calendar/ 

“I definitely think that Spring Break should be longer than it was this year because there was literally no time to do anything like travel with family,” junior Testimony Ndaka said. 

Junior Nicholas Grempler also agrees with Ndaka. 

“I would definitely have a longer Spring Break because when you take into consideration of several academic or extracurricular obligations that students have, school really takes a psychological toll on us. We need that break where we can recuperate and refresh ourselves and have a time to reinvigorate ourselves to get back on our feet and get what we need done so not only we could look great but stay on the right path,” Grempler explained. 

Since there was a shorter amount of days for Spring Break, did it help CHS students get their tasks done faster? Or was it more of a rush? 

If anything, Spring Break felt like a rush. It went by so quick it felt like it was the weekend. I did have a good amount of homework to do over break, and its literally all I did. I barely got time to actually take a ‘break’,” Ndaka expressed. 

While some students believe that the break was a rush, others think it was beneficial. 

“I’m a big procrastinator, and I usually do my homework late, but with the break I’m kinda forced to do my homework earlier. It kinda helped because I had the rest of the time to myself,” sophomore Temiloluwa Ajepe explained. 

Most students want a longer Spring Break. Out of 12 students interviewed, all said Spring Break should have been longer.