Balancing School with Sports


Emelie Ingle, Staff

High school students have many responsibilities and expectations. On top of endless schoolwork, students also play sports and participate in other extracurriculars, too.

It is expected that students maintain grades for their GPA, but this isn’t always easy. Per BCPS policy, 2.0 GPA is required, and students cannot be failing more than one class.

Many students agree that they are much more stressed and have busier schedules when they are playing sports during school.

“Softball practices change my schedule because I have less time when I get home. After I get home from practice, I still need to do my homework and eat dinner before going to bed at a reasonable time,” explained freshman Gillian Higgins.

Sports are time-consuming, and they require a lot of dedication to the team and the sport itself. But it’s harder when a student has hours of homework and other responsibilities on top of that

“During soccer season, it was ten hours a week, two-hour practices every day after school. With gymnastics I have ten hours a week also,” described freshman Darcy Blottenberger.

Although it takes up time and adds stress to a student’s life, sports are worth all of that to some people. Students have many ways of coping with the stress and balancing their sports and academics.

“There are some really good times with the team, like practices can be fun and playing a sport is also a great way to stay in shape, so, yes, I’d say it’s worth it,” added freshman Sophie Meyers.

Some students manage these two time-consuming aspects of being a student by avoiding procrastinating, organizing their schedules, and setting goals for themselves as well.

“As coaches, we want the girls to focus on their academics. The JV coach has a required study hall during season. For varsity, as long as they have a C or above in a class, they are allowed to not attend study hall,” shared volley ball coach Tonya Feaster.

This is a good way to give students an opportunity to work on school work because they have limited time in their schedules.

“I deal with the stress of school on top of the season by doing everything on time. Like if an assignment is given out, I’ll try to complete it as soon as possible. And I try to prioritize what’s most important to do first in my schedule,” Higgins recommended.

Although it is difficult to balance academic responsibilities with sports, there are various ways to do it and cope with the added stress, like making schedules.

“It comes down to time management. As a teacher, I try to provide calendars. I think that’s helpful for the students just being aware of upcoming assignment. Ask questions if you need to, there’s nothing wrong with asking for an extension as long as you are not abusing the privilege,” said Ms. Feaster.

Academies and sports are both very important to some students, but it requires good time-management and sometimes a teacher’s help.