Allergies are Coming to Get Us!

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Allergies are Coming to Get Us!

Bineta Lo, Staff

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Ahh the aroma of flowers, pollen, and fresh cut grass… smells good, don’t you think? That may be a pleasant scent for some people, but not all. This might even be the dark time of year due to… DUN-DUN-DUNNNN-allergies! Itchy eyes, runny nose and a dry mouth. 

Allergies was the #1 pet peeve that the majority of CHS students had about the spring time. Pollen was mainly the biggest issue for several students. 

“Allergies. I’m allergic to pollen, so my nose gets stuffy and I can’t breathe. My eyes get watery and itchy which is annoying, and I always feel like crap,” junior Michael Fisher explained. 

Many list pollen as their biggest pet peeve. 

“During the spring, I’m allergic to pollen. Because of that, I mainly get a stuffy nose, my eyes water; I get really grumpy because sickness is annoying, and it just ruins my day,” sophomore Faith Jones expressed. 

Allergies don’t only affect people physically, but it can really affect a person’s daily life. 

“Specifically, I’m an active person so I go outside a lot, and it stops me from doing certain activities. When my nose is stuffed, I can’t really breathe the right way when I run and stuff like that,” Fisher explained. 

Allergies can disturb a student’s performance in school because of its overpowering effects. 

“When I’m in school and doing my work, my nose gets runny, and I have to constantly get tissues which is really irritating,” sophomore Ben Talley said. 

Although allergies are a very annoying thing in the spring time, the weather can be a problem for others, too. 

“I really hate when it looks like it’s not going to rain outside, and then it ends up raining; it always sucks and ruins my day,” sophomore Ellie Cooper said. 

Why are allergies such a huge problem this year for so many people? 

According to The Baltimore Sun, spring allergies can start around February and peak around April and May, and the pollen levels of pollen is already at moderate. Also, the earlier start to allergy season this year means it could last longer. 

Although there are many cons to having allergies, your immune system is going above and beyond just for you!