Senior Tips for Rising Seniors

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Senior Tips for Rising Seniors

Vicki Zhang, Staff

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The anxiety arises as you are sitting and waiting for your turn to be interviewed. In your formal attire, your palms start to sweat as you hold your resume and cover letter. Suddenly your name is called, and you start to walk over to your interviewer with a feeling of dread.  

Senior interviews occurred March 19 and 20 this year. It is necessary for students to participate in this event since it is a graduation requirement. But, are senior interviews as bad as they seem? 

Before the interview, students were stressed and nervous since it was a very professional and new environment.  

“At first, it seems hard and you get very nervous as you wait in the line,” senior Ravdeep Singh asserted. 

Little did they know; it was more chill than expected.  

“When you actually get interviewed by the interviewer, it gets easy and you calm down,” Singh said.  

Many students and teachers exaggerated the situation and made it seem like a scary experience. 

“The interviews were great and actually easy. I think teachers and students hyped the interviews up than what it really was,” senior Mya Darden stated.  

Senior Alex Bosworth agrees with this as well.  

“The whole process was way less intimidating than I thought, and easier, too,” Bosworth explained.  

Through this experience, current seniors have several tips for juniors to provide a better and relaxing environment for them during the senior interviews. There are many factors that contribute to the success of this practice.  

First impressions are extremely crucial in this certain case. Dress sophistically and neatly to show your adeptness. 

“Think as an adult, be a good listener, and dress professionally,” senior Vy Nguyen described.  

It is very important to have your materials ready to seem professional and organized.  

“Have your cover letter and resume finely combed through in order to have it the best that it can be,” Bosworth stated.  

It is crucial to pay attention to your interviewer as well.  

“Make sure to have good eye contact,” Singh said.  

Lastly, make this event an opportunity to get ready for the future. If you commit your time into this, it could be helpful when you get interviewed for the job of your liking when you grow up 

“I want to encourage seniors next year to take it seriously because the interviews are good practice for the real world. They will ask you a lot of questions, so be prepared,” senior Ngun Par asserted.