The Truth about Tech Week


Maia Adeoye, Staff

Ah, Tech Week, the wonderful time in which sleep is but a distant memory and you eat, breathe, and dream the dances in your school play.  

Tech Week can be explained as a time when actors, stage crew members, and every person working on a production rush and panic to perfect every detail and correct every possible problem that might arise before showtime.  

“It’s an all-consuming period where artists forsake their friends, family, and responsibilities to pull together a work of art by the skin of their teeth. Also known as Hell Week, actress Lisa Kay Jennings wrote for Theatre Nerds 

Tech Week is unavoidable in any production. It happens behind the scenes of every production, every single one. It is just as stressful every time. 

“It’s always very scary in the beginning, especially on a big production like Legally Blonde,” senior Meghan Mosher stated. “Once all is in place, you feel so confident and excited that the fear goes away.” 

In the production of Legally BlondeTech Week was brutal. After missing many rehearsals due to snow days, many actors had not fully learned their lines, and the chances of a good show looked low. 

“The panic that we felt with Legally Blonde was one that I have never felt before,” senior Mia Bermudez explained. 

In the end, the show went off without a hitch, and everyone was so relieved and proud. 

“It’s really stressful but it’s fun. That why I do it. It’s more for the rehearsals than the show,” sophomore Ben Talley remarked.