The Hair Struggle is Real

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The Hair Struggle is Real

Bineta Lo and Mona Kessy

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For some teenage girls and boys, dealing with hair has always been a struggle from learning the proper way to take care your hair to accepting the way it looks and even finding the time to do it. For teens, hair can sometimes be the key to what they think is a good look. 

CHS students have all different types of hair struggles because there are so many types of hair. Of 15 students that were asked if they experience hair struggles, all of them said yes. 

“My hair shrinks a whole lot when its wet, and its annoying. Whenever I wash my hair, it gets short, and I really don’t like that,” sophomore Kokob Tesfaye explained. 

There are some students that have a struggle with having very messy hair when they wake up in the morning.  

“Every morning I wake up, and my hair looks like a forest. I always have to brush it out and it takes forever,” sophomore Yawm Pam said. 

Another student has similar problems with messy hair in the morning. 

“Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my hair is all frizzy and looks it looks like a huge mess, so I have to pat it down before it starts looking normal again,” junior Fletcher Thomas said. 

Hair can even affect your daily schedule, trying to style hair in the morning in some cases lead to lateness.  

“Sometimes I wake up late, and I end up spending the little time a have left to do my hair,” sophomore Temiloluwa Ajepe said.                               

Physically dealing with hair can be a problem but accepting the way it looks is another. 

“What I find to be really annoying is how either people compliment it or tell you that you need to fix it because my hair gets really frizzy at the topand its really annoying. I don’t really like doing my hair, but people are like ‘you need to do something with it’,” sophomore Faith Jones expressed. 

Dealing with hair is not only a time-consuming task, but it can also come with a price tag. 

According to the average woman spends about $257 per month on her appearance. Men however spend about $154 dollars on hair.