Misconceptions about High School


Maia Adeoye, Staff


Common misconceptions about high school 

There are many different depictions of high school in the world. TV, movies and books have imprinted a precedent of what happens in high school from a young age.  

Disney channel has featured TV shows that depict high school and its students since its launch in 1983 as well as many other children’s channels 

It’s no wonder teens are so confused when they get a taste of the real high school experience. What are some things that you expected to see in high school? 

  1. People would look older 

This was the most common thing that people expected when entering high school. They expected people to be taller and to have cars.  

“Every high school movie I’ve ever watched tends to have a lot of adult actors playing teenagers, it gets confusing,” freshman Katherine Rash stated. 

      2. There would be more fights. 

Sixty-five percent of the 22 students interviewed attested to this. In middle school, fights are quite common, and everyone has some sort of drama. Once you enter high school, you expect the same. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I came to high school. Nobody was fighting at all,” freshman Michael Bird exclaimed. 

      3. Everybody would be talking about everybody. 

Most (87%) of the students interviewed expected lots of rumors and gossip in high school. Based mostly on Mean Girls and The Burn Book, mainly girls were shocked when they entered high school and didn’t find much drama. 

“Literally! I searched everywhere for someone to say something about someone! There’s so little good tea,” sophomore Virginia Perry replied. 

      4. “You can’t sit with us.” 

Many of the students interviewed expected cliques in high school. Every teen wants to fit in and have a group of people that are the same as them. A few students even expected rival groups like in Grease. 

“I really thought that I’d come to high school and become a popular kid, but there is no such thing as popular here, junior Liam Bierley said. 

      5. Jocks, Nerds, Goths, Oh, My! 

Exactly 50% of the students interviewed expected high school students to be very stereotypical. Here at CHS, there aren’t any stereotypes as everyone dabbles in everything. 

Yeah, I’m not the only person who thought that everyone would either be popular or nerds, junior Lucy Stern acknowledged. 

      6. Harder Classes 

This was expected by every freshman interviewed. “I thought the classes would be so much harder, but this year has been easy,” freshman Riley Nelson declared. 

This was also heavily opposed by every upper-classman interviewed. “I felt the same way last year. Don’t worry, sophomore year will get you,” sophomore Rilee Phillips retorted.