Seniors’ Post-High School Plans


Li Chen, Staff

Senior year to many high school students is the most anticipated year of their academic careers. They know that it’s their last year of having to wake up super early in the morning and attend school for over six hours a day, Monday through Friday. 

Although seniors want to enjoy their last year in school and create memories before graduating, a major reason why it’s important to finish high school is to get that high school diploma. This offers students better job opportunities and easier access to benefits like health insurance and retirement plans. 

Research shown from US Department of Education states that 3.6 million students should be graduating from high school in June of 2019. The same research also shows that approximately 19.9 million students who are attending college and universities this year. 

CHS has an average graduation rate of 92 percent, well over the state average of 88%.

“CHS has an average of 400 students graduating every year, and last school year 445 students graduated out of our school. Roughly 85 % of them attend college after graduating out of high school,” said guidance counselor Todd Pinson. 

Most CHS students still see a four-year degree as key to their future. They don’t plan to stop at the high school diploma. 

“I plan to hopefully go to a four-year college. High school offers different programs such as dual enrollment to make sure we’re ready for college,” senior D’Angelo Hawkins said. 

Some things high school seniors can do after their last year of high school are to go to a four-year college, join the military, start a career, or take a gap year rather than start college directly.  

“I plan on going to CCBC for a trade program, and my life after high school would be freer, but I’ll have more responsibilities which can make me become more mature which is good,” senior Zach Cashour explained. 

Research shows that most high schools have students talk to their guidance counselors their senior year to give the students a career direction. At CHS guidance provides the students with a booklet with what seniors can do after graduating to prepare them. 

“I plan to go to the military after high school, and high school informs me about options I have after I graduate. High school teaches me how to socialize and build relationships which are important life skills,” said senior Zion Stanley.

Overall after high school graduates don’t have to go directly into college and the choice is theirs to make depending on their interests. Life after school they can set goals for what they plan to do and could even volunteer or be an intern or apprentice for a career they like.