Tolkien`s Stories Live: ‘Fellowship’ is a Must-See

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Tolkien`s Stories Live: ‘Fellowship’ is a Must-See

Samantha Meek, Staff

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The world is big, isn`t it? Imagine you are journeying to a different place that you have never seen in person, only in maps and books. Well, let director Peter Jackson take you on a journey to Modor in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, released in 2001. 

The Fellowship of the Ring film was inspired by one of J.R.R Tolkien`s popular trilogies The Lord of the RingsThe Fellowship of the Ring is the first part of the trilogy and won 13 Oscars awards.  

Despite the blood and killings of the battles in the movie, it shows inspiring, lifeful, and bad a** moments in the movie. This movie contains many emotions that can make the audience laugh, cry, or even surprised. The plot, characters, and settings have  

Set in the fictional world of Middle Earth, young hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) is sent on a journey with eight companions, the Fellowship of the Ring, to Modor to destroy the One Ring. Once owned by Sauron, the antagonist of the film, the group must destroy the ring before Sauron gets his hands on it and conquers all of the realm. 

But Sauron isn`t the only problem during the adventure. The Ring is another problem. The Ring is known to drive others into madness, but many still look for it, especially Sauron and his army, the Nazgul.  

Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin), one of Frodo`s companions and best friend, is one of the best characters in the movie. Astin depicts him as a willing, kind, and brave friend who is always there to protect Frodo and continues to stay by his side. 

The actor Dominic Mongahan plays Merry and Billy Boyd plays Pippin. They are also Frodo`s companions who provide comedy during what can be a serious story. These characters often make mistakes, which tends to get them into lots of trouble, but by the end of the movie, audiences have learned that they are more than just mischevious little hobbits.  

Another special character, Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, serves as a mentor archetype. Played by the famous actor Ian McKellen, he guides Frodo in his journey and knows everything about Middle Earth. Ian has done a really great job playing Gandalf, especially when Gandalf is in his angry mode. When Gandalf yells, he has a very deep voice whenever he gets angry and his surroundings grow dark, which kind of makes you understand that he cares so much about others.   

The settings of the movie amaze. Because of the beautiful surroundings of nature and mountains in New Zealand, they were able to show many beautiful and creepy sceneries in Middle Earth. Rivendell, for example, was taken place in Kaitoke Regional Park in New Zealand. Kaitoke was able to capture our attention by the beauty and nature surrounding Rivendell. Another sight, Modor, is one setting that will give you the chills. Modor was made in the Whakapapa mountains of New Zealand. Also known to be the highest ski resort in New Zealand, which explains the very high mountains in Modor, but the darkness gives Modor a very chilling mood to the scene.  

The music, composed by Howard Shore, is really fascinating in the movie. The soundtrack gives mood to the settings and scenery. Most of the music has a very thumping and dark tone to the movie, especially “The Prophecy,” which starts in the prologue. That really brings us a dark mood, showing us the darkness and evil that occurs in the movie from the very beginning but, there are some tracks that contain a more positive mood. The Shire`s music called “Concerning Hobbits,” for example, that ties along with the sceneries of the Shire. It is one of the happiest tracks, resembling the cheerful peace within the community.  

Despite all the tragedies and comedies, this movie reflects a valuable lesson: friendship. The Fellowship are one of the greatest friendships forged. Overall, the movie is an absolute must-see.