Do You Need a Valentine to Celebrate V-day?

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Do You Need a Valentine to Celebrate V-day?

Bineta Lo, Staff

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It’s that time of year again, when all the flowers, huge teddy bears, chocolate platters, and nasty x0x0 hearts come out of hiding. There will most likely be couples celebrating left and right.  

Does the question “Will you be my Valentine?” sound familiar? Because it is. Some believe that there is no Valentine’s Day without a Valentine. Several CHS students believe otherwise. 

Students like Cooper believe that Valentine’s Day is just a day for companies to profit. In fact, 18.2 billion is expected to be spent for the holiday. 

“Valentine’s Day is just a giant marketing scheme. It’s for big companies to make money. But it is important to recognize your significant other,” sophomore Ellie Cooper explained. 

Others believe that Valentine’s Day could simply be celebrated by one’s self and that a relationship is not required. 

“Single life is the best. I’ll buy chocolate for myself, dinner for myself and a teddy bear for myself,” sophomore Hailey McDaniel expressed. 

Alvarado agrees with McDaniel on the opinion of not needing a valentine for valentine’s day.  

“You can just hang out with your friends with the love you have for them. Like you can get them roses and they could get you chocolate, but it’s not necessary to have a Valentine,” sophomore Monica Alvarado shared. 

While multiple other students believe that a Valentine is not required to celebrate Valentine’s day, some share a different point of view. 

“I definitely do believe that everyone should have a Valentine because it’s what gives you life’s pleasure. Having relationships and loving is what makes Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s not a relationship It could be your friends and it could be anyone that makes you happy,” sophomore Fuwaiz Khan explained. 

Eighty percent of the students surveyed for the question, “Do you need a Valentine for Valentine’s Day?” agreed that a Valentine is unnecessary.