Welcoming Ms. Perrott to CHS

Emelie Ingle, Staff

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Marci Ebur-Perrot is a new special education teacher at CHS. A former teacher at the special education Hannah Moore School in Reisterstown, she has now joined the teaching staff here, replacing Brittany Klinger.  

Ms. Perrott said how as a kid, she went through many career phases, but her very first dream job was to be a teacher.  

“I taught my sister everything when we were young. I taught her how to read, type, play sports, and drive. We played school a lot when we were really young. I think that’s when I first decided I wanted to be a teacher,” explained Ms. Perrott.  

She grew up in Annville, a small town in Pennsylvania close to Hershey. Ms. Perrott did her undergrad in her hometown at Lebanon Valley College. Although she thought she wanted to be a social worker at the time, she later realized that was not what she wanted to do.  

“After graduating, I got a job in a school working in Special Education kind of by accident, and I ended up realizing that was my passion. I went back to school at Drexel to get my teaching certification and my Masters in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum and Special Education,” Ms. Perrott said.  

She also mentioned how she enjoys teaching at a high school level better than younger grades. This will be her eighth year working and teaching in Special Education. Her job involves working in the classroom and maintaining a lot of stressful paper work as well.  

“But, for all of the stressful days, there are really great days getting to know students, having fun in classes, and seeing learning happening. I think it’s worth it!” exclaimed Ms. Perrott.  

Her last school was very small and had around 100 students in total. CHS is very big compared to that and has a lot more students. She did enjoy knowing everyone personally, but she likes the change to a bigger environment.  

“I was very nervous to come to Catonsville because there are so many people. It took me a while to get adjusted, but I like it now. Everyone has been very nice and helpful to me!” Ms. Perrott shared.  

Even though she enjoys the time she spends in the classroom, Ms. Perrott also has several hobbies and activities she enjoys doing outside of school.  She likes traveling and outdoor activities, and enjoys hanging out with her two puppies, as well as reading and playing volleyball.