The Best Time to Have Birthdays

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The Best Time to Have Birthdays

Emelie Ingle, Staff

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Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, unfortunately you can’t actually change your birthday. Whether it be based on holidays, weather, or other factors, some people love the time of their birthday, but again, some would rather change it. Students throughout the school all have various birthdays in different months and seasons. Some kids enjoy the time that their birthday is, but some do not.

For example, students with December birthdays said that they would change their birth date. They agreed that there are both pros and cons to having a winter birthday, but if they could change it, they would rather have a birthday in the summer or spring seasons.

“I would rather have a summer or spring birthday because having a birthday close to holidays can be very chaotic,” shared freshman Erin Lagervall, who has a December 22 birthday.

Freshman Kassidy Boehl has a December birthday and disagrees, saying she would not change her birthday. Her birthday is on December 30, and she believes that birthdays near the holidays like Christmas are the best.

“I like having a winter birthday because there’s Christmas, and everyone’s so happy during this season… Everywhere you look, it’s so festive and decorated,” said Boehl.

Those with summer birthdays seem to be the most content. Freshman, Brigid Baeck, with a birthday on August 3, said that summer birthdays are the best.

“Summer is the best season to have a birthday. There’s more free time to do anything you want, and there aren’t school or many holidays,” mentioned Baeck.

Many people like their time of birthdays because of the weather or climate during that season. Many students like summer or spring because of the nice weather, and this is why it is the best time to have a birthday.

Because of the change to a cooler season, those with birthdays in the Fall season believe their birthdays are the best. The weather is the best in the Fall, and you have options because it’s near some holidays, but still not too many that your birthday gets lost in the chaos of celebrations.

“I love my birthday and enjoy having it in the fall season because the weather is the perfect temperature, and it’s also very pretty with all of the leaves. It is also the best time to play sports,” said Gillian Higgins, whose birthday falls on October 16.

Although students have different opinions on when the best season to have a birthday is, many agree that times that aren’t near holidays are the best because they are the least chaotic.  Some students wanted to change their birthdays to summer or spring, because they enjoy that type of weather. But overall, the best time to have birthdays all depends on personal preference.