Kusterer Joins CHS Team

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Kusterer Joins CHS Team

Savanna Loverde, Staff

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Ellen Kusterer is a new teacher in the English department. Filling the vacancy that was created by former CHS teacher Angela Glenn, Ms. Kusterer joined the CHS team from Anne Arundel County Public Schools where she taught English at Meade High School.  

Ms. Kusterer attended college Seton Hill University for her undergraduate degree. Seton Hill University is a liberal arts school located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. She then attended St. John’s College in Annapolis for her master’s degree.  

Ms. Kusterer originally was an art history major, but then after helping out some of her college lacrosse teammates, she decided that she wanted to become an English teacher.  

“Initially I went to school to be an art history major,” Ms. Kusterer explained, “and then I realized, as I was helping out all of my college lacrosse teammates who were struggling to write papers, that I should probably do that [be an English teacher] for a living because I was pretty good at it.”  

Ms. Kusterer currently teaches 11th grade and 12th grade. She chose to come teach at CHS rather than any other school because CHS was the first school that she interviewed at that she liked, and she already has a connection to the area since her husband grew up in Catonsville, and she used to live in Lansdowne. 

Ms. Kusterer believes that the curriculum at CHS and in Baltimore County has both some similarities and some differences compared to her previous school. Meade was an International Baccalaureate school, and she taught the IB courses there. The AP courses here at CHS are similar to the IB courses at Meade. She also believes that the 12th grade standard courses at Meade and at CHS are similar. 

“Yes, there’s a difference, especially since I was at an IB school, and I was teaching the IB courses. IB courses are similar to AP in the fact that they are assessment driven,” Ms. Kusterer stated. “But looking at the 12th grade standard curriculum, there’s actually a lot of parallels between the standard curriculum at Anne Arundel and the standard curriculum here.” 

When it comes to the atmosphere of CHS, Ms. Kusterer believes that there is a noticeable difference between the atmosphere here at CHS compared to Meade. 

“Overall, I think that students seem happier here, so that’s been a nice positive change. Like I weirdly enjoy being on hall duty because I get to walk around and say hi to students, and they will say hi nicely back to me. Not that I didn’t enjoy being at my old school, I did love my old school too, but it definitely had more behavioral problems.” 

So, stop and say hey to Ms. Kusterer in the halls, or even stop by her room and say hi. Let’s make her feel welcome during her first year here at CHS.