Take a Break to Spend with Family

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Take a Break to Spend with Family

Bineta Lo, Staff

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Many CHS students and looked forward to the big break of 2018 for some relief and family time. The first months of school can be quite stressful and hectic with so many new teachers and subjects and so many tests to study for. Coming off of Summer Break, there seems to be endless homework, too.  

School takes up 35+ hours of life away from family during the week. This means less time to spend with loved ones, so Winter Break provides time to reconnect with family and friends. 

“It’s like most of the time Winter Break is the only time you get to spend time with your family because during school there’s so much to do. It’s hard to spend time with your family because it takes up a million hours of your life especially when you’re a senior. Also, the ridiculous amounts of homework take even more time away,” senior Mia Bermudez explained.  

CHS students returning from the 11-day Winter Break agreed that the time off allowed them to spend more time with those they care about. 

“It’s long and you get to do fun stuff. Like for example Winter Break was long enough for my family and to go to Great Wolf Lodge with my family and have a ton of fun,” sophomore Faith Jones said. 

Break can also be a great opportunity for families to bond. It can also be an opportunity to build up relationships with loved ones you don’t get to see as often. 

“It is honestly the best time to spend with your family. Even though you see them every day, being with them during Break makes you guys bonds stronger,” junior Michael Fisher expressed. 

But not every student agrees. There are some students who don’t think Winter Break was a good time to spend with family because they would rather spend their time alone. 

“I spent Winter Break alone. I honestly don’t think it was a good time to spend with my family because I don’t really like spending time with them. I think they’re annoying, and I already see them enough,” junior Testimony Ndaka explained.