Day in the Life of Mr. Linsenmeyer

Zayd Zaghari, Staff

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Staff member Jack Linsenmeyer started his first year as a paraeducator for the CHS Social and Emotional program, an environment that provides kids with varying problems a chance to focus in school to achieve a quality education.  

Mr. Linsenmeyer graduated from the University of Baltimore with a degree in History with the intention of becoming a teacher in his later years.  

“It was quite interesting. I had to write a lot of papers and complete a lot of research, but it helped me grow more as a student and person. I became really good at communication, which in my opinion is a key skill in life,” remarked Mr. Linsenmeyer. 

Before starting out as a paraeducator at CHS, Mr. Linsenmeyer was an administrator and test coordinator at youth in transition school; he also worked with students with behavioral problems at an alternative school for 10 years.  

A typical day for Mr. Linsenmeyer involves working directly with students, helping them read aloud and understand and complete their assignments; he assists students with their special needs. He works with a variety of other educators to ensure a safe and efficient learning environment as well. 

“Personally, I find it rewarding to support kids in their academic pursuits even if their going through emotional and social problems in life,” said Mr. Linsenmeyer.  

Along with his day job as a paraeducator, Mr. Linsenmeyer is  the assistant varsity soccer coach with Social Studies teacher Brendan Kennedy. The two have partnered up for two seasons after the departure of previous coach Chris Hastings.