CHS Rates Bird Box

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CHS Rates Bird Box

Bineta Lo, Staff

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Netflix has recently released a groundbreaking movie Birdbox. Since it first was available on December 13, there were almost 26 million views in just the first week alone. It’s the talk of the town.  

Shortly after, many memes, videos, and challenges surfaced all over the web, ones created by excited viewers. YouTube even recently banned “challenge” videos based on dangerous accidents caused by those challenging themselves to being blindfolded like the characters in the film. 

Many CHS students have seen the film. 

“I liked the movie and all, but it could’ve gone into depth about certain things or what the monsters looked like or how they appeared. I liked the ending and all, but it could’ve been better,” sophomore Faith jones shared. 

Others thought that there wasn’t really anything wrong with the movie and that it was good. 

“I think it was a good movie. I really liked the concept of it, and how it had me guessing what would happen. I also liked how they let the mentally ill see the monsters. It was also a pretty movie too because of all the nature and pretty scene,” junior Blythe Meggarity said. 

The movie keeps viewers guessing yet doesn’t quite foreshadow what could happen. 

“Yea, I really liked the movie because the way the story is being created is very unique and different, and each scene was unexpected and surprising to me,” sophomore Mary Muang commented. 

Although there were several students who really enjoyed the movie, there were some students who didn’t quite enjoy the movie as much. 

“I watched, and I didn’t really like it because the movie revolved around these monsters that were nonexistent. Like what did they look like? Why were they so terrifying? Also, it wasn’t even scary it was kinda boring,” junior Testimony Ndaka expressed. 

Of 15 students who were asked to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to the movie, 12 gave the movie a thumbs up.