What Makes the Perfect Student?

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What Makes the Perfect Student?

Beth Wolde and Bineta Lo

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The question of what makes a perfect student is a topic that many people disagree over. Every student is different, and nobody is perfect. From elementary school reward systems to college acceptances, these all judge what is seen to be a “perfect student”. But what makes a perfect student?

Most students would probably describe a perfect student as someone hard working, positive, and someone that always gets straight A’s, but maybe there’s more to being the “perfect student” than some may realize.

“A perfect student would be prepared for class every day, and if they get a bad grade on something, they try to make up for it by coming back in to redo it. Having good communication with the teacher is also important,” sophomore Ellie Cooper said.

A perfect student can also be defined by one’s actions and behaviors in class, someone who puts in genuine effort into their work.

“A perfect student is someone who has the desire and willingness to work hard and try their best even if they don’t understand the work. Someone who does their homework and is motivated. Someone who listens and has respect for teachers and other students,” junior Karley Didomenico said.

Though students may have the idea of what they think the perfect student is, do they think that their version of a perfect student exists within the walls of CHS?

“Yes, I do think that perfect students do exist in Catonsville high school. I’ve seen certain students get straight A’s all the time, always have good relationship with the teacher, and always seem perfect,” junior Testimony Ndaka said.

CHS staff interact with students every day. They see students work hard, grow, and gain knowledge, and they also have opinions on what the perfect student is to them.

“We are all flawed in some way shape of form. Nobody is actually perfect. A Conscientious student is one who has a great attendance record, is very polite to classmates, administrators, teachers, and all adults. Being on the classroom when your respectful and quadrille to your classmates, that shows me your conscientious about what you are doing,” library media specialist Angenine Goode explained.

CHS teachers have encountered with many students throughout their teaching careers, but have they ever had a perfect student.

“Yes, I do think that perfect students exist. Two kids that come to mind right away are Gina and Christine. They were the kids who always did their homework and always raised their hands, always nice to be around, well rounded kids, always putting in effort and asking questions,” math teacher Melissa Newberry said.

Many things at CHS such as honor societies and class rank are mostly based off a student’s grades. Though honor societies pick students by their character and even leadership skills, grades are still a major element since they only accept students with a 3.0 and above.

“I don’t think people should be ranked by their grades because that is mean,” senior Caroline Ingle said. “Good students put a lot of effort and work really hard, but not necessarily getting the highest grades.”

Most students share this common opinion, your grades don’t and shouldn’t define you.