Filip Hinz Joins CHS- All the Way from Poland

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Filip Hinz Joins CHS- All the Way from Poland

Emelie Ingle, Staff

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Filip Hinz arrived in the United States in August 2018. He is staying with the Wanko family for one year, while his family is back home in Poland. Freshman Kat Wanko and junior Nick Wanko both go to CHS as well. Hinz said that his older siblings had always wanted to be foreign exchange students in America, and he was so excited to come to the U.S. 

Some might be frightened by being so far away from home for so long. 

“I wasn’t worried about anything. That was my dream from my childhood,” Hinz explained. 

He found that there were many differences between the countries and their cultures, but he has enjoyed his time here in Maryland so far.  

Hinz also mentioned that Polish community is not as diverse as it is here. People in Poland don’t talk to everyone except people who are very close, while in Catonsville people talk with anyone even if they aren’t as close.   

“In Poland people make really close and deep friendships; here you make a lot of friends, but they are not that close to you,” Hinz added. 

He felt very prepared for the United States because his older sister used to live in Florida. He also pointed out that everything is a lot bigger here than in Poland, for example, the schools.  

Hinz said that he enjoys going to CHS because he has more freedom to choose his classes and can participate in sports and clubs. 

“It’s much bigger. And it’s nice that you get the opportunity to choose your subjects because in Poland we need to take 16 subjects and you can’t really do anything with that.” … “I can take whatever I want here,” said Hinz.  

There are so many cultural differences between Poland and the States such as schools and the people themselves. But Hinz agrees that this is an incredible opportunity and experience for him. And he is excited to stay with the Wanko family for the rest of the year.