Freshmen in Mixed Classes

Savanna Loverde, Staff

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Freshman year is a very nerve-racking year. You’re coming to a new school, with many people you don’t know. Students worry about fitting in and what people are going to think about them. One of the biggest things that most freshmen are concerned about, however, is the upper classmen.  

Mixed classes are very common in high school since some upper classmen need to recover credits while others decide just to take similar electives. Some classes that are mixed include World Language classes and elective classes in music, art, child development, nutrition and foods, and yearbook.  

Some freshman are already friends with upperclassmen from sports teams or other school organizations. This makes being in classes with them much easier. 

“I know a lot through sports because varsity has a lot of upperclassmen, and then even JV does, too,” freshman Darcy Blottenberger said.  

While you would expect most freshman to feel intimidated by the upper classmen, there are many who do not. 

“I wouldn’t just go up to them and talk, but [upper classmen] don’t really intimidate me,” Blottenberger explained. 

Many freshmen don’t know that they are going to be in mixed classes until the school year begins, but since some freshman had mixed classes in middle school, they weren’t that nervous to be in mixed classes. 

“I didn’t know I would be, but in 7th grade I had classes with 8th graders, so it wasn’t like weird or anything,” freshman Connor Smith said. 

Although most freshmen aren’t bothered by having classes with upper classmen, some upperclassmen have mixed feelings about freshmen being in their classes. 

“They can get annoying sometimes, but some of them are actually cool,” sophomore Devyn Tracy stated. “I enjoy having classes with the freshman that are cool, they’re relatable and they’re laid back.”  

Some upper classmen also believe that there is seniority in their classes and believe that teachers in their mixed classes treat them better than the freshmen. 

“I feel like they treat us better cause like we’re older and they expect us to be more mature,” junior Karli Didomencio explained. 

So, while freshmen may have many worries about the new experiences and changes high school is sure to bring their way, the one thing they shouldn’t worry about is being mixed in classes with upper classmen. Upper classmen may look intimidating at first, but they’re just here at CHS trying to learn just like you.