Reliable Wi-Fi Matters to Students

Reliable Wi-Fi Matters to Students

Li Chen, Author

According to recent research, 98 percent of students have access to Wi-Fi at home and at school. This means that in this day and age, almost everyone can access the internet through whatever kind of cellular device they have. 

In BCPS, all schools have Wi-Fi which students and staffs can use for educational purposes. 

“I use BCPS-Secure most of the time, and I prefer it over BCPS-Guest because it has a better connection which allows me to get my school work done in a faster pace,” sophomore Jacob Lewis explained. 

The student handbook states that students need to be responsible while using this network. When students are at school, they could use the BCPS-Secure Wi-Fi for learning in class, researching for projects, and sometimes to take online tests for certain classes.  

The Wi-Fi is used by vast amount of student due to not having cell service in school. Also, even for those who can access cell service, instead of using their cellular data, they rely on the school Wi-Fi.  

“Every day I’m in school, I connect to BCPS-secure Wi-Fi and use that over my cellular data because it’s more efficient, and you normally don’t have services in all locations at school,” sophomore Max Johnson said. 

To connect to BCPS-Secure you login with your BCPS username and password. Often, students have issues with the Wi-Fi which could limit the access and student’s connectivity to the Wi-Fi. Recently the well-known search engine Google was blocked by BCPS, limiting all access to it if students are using a BCPS Wi-Fi, and many students must turn to Bing to look up information and even do research on a topic for class.  

“BCPS Wi-Fi is important in many ways. For example, most classes now are digital, and the Wi-Fi is needed to do what the teacher intended with it,” sophomore Romello James shared.