Abbott Welcomed to English Department

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Abbott Welcomed to English Department

Emelie Ingle, Staff

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Caitlin Abbott is one of two new English teachers. She is very excited to be working with all the CHS students and staff this year.  

Ms. Abbott had been set on being a teacher from middle school and went to college to study English education.  

Growing up in the Hereford zone of Baltimore County, Ms. Abbott attended Hereford High. From there, she went to Michigan State University where she majored in English Education with a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 

“I loved the college I went to! I went to Michigan State University and played field hockey there,” she said.  

When selecting her career choice, Ms. Abbott had many influences from a younger age such as her family and her previous teachers. Her mom, who teaches 5th grade in Timonium, Maryland, was one such influence. Her sister, who she was able to help in school, was another inspiration for Ms. Abbott.  

“I also had a great AP English teacher my senior year at HHS who scared me, but she helped me become a better student,” mentioned Ms. Abbott.  

Don’t assume that your teachers don’t struggle with some things that they teach. Ms. Abbott said that writing always came easy to her, but she does struggle with grammar. Ms. Abbott thinks it’s a challenge to teach and something that she still needs work on.  

“I was nervous and excited! Change can be hard, but I was very excited to start at a new school,” Ms. Abbott said about coming into CHS as a new teacher. 

She explained that the CHS community is very close and welcoming, and that the teachers truly care about the students and their wellbeing. Ms. Abbott would like to continue working for CHS as a teacher for years to come, as she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.