Teachers’ Ideas for Fall Activities in Maryland

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Teachers’ Ideas for Fall Activities in Maryland

Sarah Buchman and Emelie Ingle

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It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling off the trees, and the temperatures are dropping; at least their supposed to be.  It’s time to start planning festivities for the season.  

Some favorites among teachers at CHS include going to farms, apple and pumpkin picking, haunted houses, corn mazes, and watching football. 

Farms are a very popular attraction this season in Maryland. Baugher’s Farm in Westminster is art teacher Windy Spiridigliozzi and English teacher Greg Hill’s favorite.  

“God, buy the apple dumplings on your way out, jeez,” commented Ms. Spiridigliozzi.  

Many families enjoy apple picking at Baugher’s farm. 

“We always did Baugher’s. We went apple picking at Baugher’s. That was always fun,” shared Mr. Hill.  

Secretary Terry Liptrap enjoys going to Baugher’s with her grandchildren.  

Art teacher Jessica Voss enjoys apple picking at Larriland Farms, in Woodbine.  

“It’s a farm that is family owned. They have a ton of apples and things you can pick,” she told us.  

Webbers farm, in Parkville, is where Art teacher Julie Stiltz goes to celebrate the fall season with her family. 

“Kids shoot down a slide in a sac… and they pick up speed. It’s so funny,” she laughed. 

During the spooky, Halloween season, many CHS teachers enjoy going to haunted houses and haunted hayrides. Except for Social Studies teacher Courtney Fleming.  

Every year, Ms. Fleming and her family visit Legends of the Fog in Aberdeen Maryland. 

“My husband makes me go to a haunted house. I hate them and it’s like torture. Every year we do that, and I hate it,” she shared.  

Art teacher Al Grosso did the Haunted Hayride at Valley View farms when his children were younger, though Ms. Stiltz found that hard to believe.   

“Did you really do it, Al?” she asked.  

The Renaissance Festival is another popular fall tradition enjoyed by many.  

Ms. Voss enjoys elephant riding, throwing axes and darts, climbing Jacob’s ladder, as well as the many crafts they offer at ‘Ren Fest.” Math teacher Theresa Vaccaro agrees that it’s one of her favorite fall events. 

Many teachers here at CHS also participate in traditional fall festivities. 

Health teacher Nancy Bauer’s house is always arguing over football games.  

“I’m a born and raised Pittsburgher… were a split household, two of us like the stealers, two of us like the ravens,” she explained. 

Another activity Ms. Voss loves to do in the fall is going hiking at Green Rich State Park, in Western Maryland. 

Corn mazes allow Ms. Vaccaro to relax in the nice fall weather. 

“We always go to a corn maze because I love losing my children. At least for a little bit.” she laughed. 

Trick-Or-Treating is a very popular Halloween activity. Maryland has many good spots to collect the most candy possible, including Academy Heights in Catonsville Maryland.  

“We went through 500 pieces of candy in 2 hours.” Mr. Hill commented.