Missing Your Summer Vacation Yet?

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Missing Your Summer Vacation Yet?

Bineta Lo, Staff

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Fall may have already started, but students still recall their vacations. Summer vacation was a time to relax, have fun, hangout with friends, and be stress-free. CHS students and staff had many fun experiences and stories about their summer. 

Many students went to different states and countries. Sophomore Monica Alvarado went to Chapas in Mexico. This was her first time going and she loved the trip.  

“It was a really great experience and it was fun to be with my family,” she said. 

Some CHS students traveled to different states. 

“Over the summer I went to New York, my favorite city. I loved it and the whole experience. It was great for me,” sophomore Fuwaiz Khan described. 

There were multiple other students that also traveled out of state.  

“I went to Orlando, Florida and went on different water slides and roller coasters. I had so much fun,” sophomore Jayla Gilliam said. 

Traveling out of state is a great way to learn new things in a fun way and have new experiences. However, not everyone did the most exciting things or traveled to different countries or states. Some students who just stayed home. 

“I didn’t do much; I slept, ate and watched a lot of Netflix,” sophomore Hasnain Soroya said. 

Various students participated and tried out for sports like softball, football, badminton, and soccer. 

“I was invited to Tennessee and Minnesota through softball because I won two state championships with my team,” sophomore Samantha Sisolak said. 

Don’t forget that CHS teachers and staff also had their time off over the summer.  

“This summer we spent a lot of time at our community pool. My son is 3, so it was fun teaching him how to swim and having a good time in the water. We did some traveling, went to Bethany Beach in Delaware, and we went to the zoo,” guidance counselor Brittany Watkins said. 

Summer vacation can be a time to forget about school for some people. For others, it can be a time to help others develop and learn. 

“I taught an art camp over the summer which I’ve been teaching for 9 years for elementary schoolers; it’s a three-week art camp. I also did a Europe trip, and I went backpacking across Europe for two weeks,” English teacher Rosie Ruzzi said.