Meet New College Counselor, Ms. Weston

Zayd Zaghari, Staff

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CHS has hired a new college counselor for student services, Lauren Weston. BCPS provided this position at each high school, dedicated to assisting students in their college path. 

Ms. Weston is new to BCPS with CHS being her first job in the system.  

“I’ve had an amazing experience working along with students and colleagues here at this school and I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year,” she said. 

Ms. Weston attended Towson University and attained her bachelor’s degree before immediately applying to Loyola University of Maryland to obtain her masters in school counseling.  

“I technically have my master’s in education through that degree in school counseling,” she explained.   

Ms. Weston’s was first a guidance counselor at Catholic High School of Baltimore. After building enough work experience, she moved on and applied to the brand-new college counseling position at CHS. 

“I applied for the position around June, and Mr. Ames actually hired me on the spot,” she said.  

But unlike other counselors at CHS, Ms. Weston’s job is a bit different. Instead of handling only administrative work, she deals mainly with college visits.  

“I schedule college meetings and make sure they are running smoothly. If kids are having extra questions they can seek me out, and I’ll be sure to help them,” she explained. 

Ms. Weston observed the college visits to attain information for her own knowledge so she can better serve CHS students. 

When asked about Ms. Weston, other teachers at CHS applaud her.  

“I think her position is of vital need here at CHS because some students have many unanswered questions about their future college,” said Jaren Maybin, the varsity head football coach. “Students and staff as a whole should utilize this opportunity at hand to gain valuable information which they could use going forward.”

As the school year goes by, Ms. Weston will be coordinating college related activities which in turn, help provide the necessary information for students to better thrive in their search for the perfect university at CHS.