The New Addition To CHS, Ms. Mireles

Savanna Loverde, Staff

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Kristina Mireles is a new Spanish teacher in the world language department at CHS. Due to former CHS Spanish teacher Rebecca Hope taking a position in another county closer to her home over the summer, Ms. Mireles found an opening at CHS.  

Ms. Mireles recently moved to Maryland from Oklahoma where she attended college at the University of Oklahoma and was teaching high school for several years.  

The school Ms. Mireles taught at in Oklahoma before she moved to Maryland was very community-oriented, and she believes CHS is also a school that is very community-oriented and comfortable to work in. Ms. Mireles has six kids at home, which contributes to why she loves working in the home atmosphere at CHS. 

“I moved here from Oklahoma, and the school that I taught at for the longest there was really community oriented… and when I interviewed with Mr. Ames and Mrs. Landon, it just seemed like it was kind of the same, like there’s a really good sense of pride in the school and I think that makes it, you know, a little more comfortable to work in,” she said. “Teaching is teaching anywhere, but it’s the home atmosphere I think that makes it feel better.” 

There are many interesting facts about Ms. Mireles. She’s been skydiving before, she loves karaoke, and she’s been to Spain twice. 

Ms. Mireles didn’t realize that she wanted to be a teacher until her second semester in college. She wanted to be a child psychologist when she first started at the University of Oklahoma, but she realized that it wasn’t for her. A friend of hers then encouraged her to become a teacher. 

“A friend of mine had suggested that maybe I should teach because I used to tutor her in Spanish, and she said I was really good at it,” Ms. Mireles explained. “And I did love teachers when I was growing up and they were the only professionals I knew. They were kind of like my home away from home and my safe place away from home, so I liked the idea of being that for someone.”  

“I’ve always loved the idea of the east coast and I’ve never gotten to be up here,” said Ms. Mireles, when she explained why she chose to move to Maryland. 

“The teaching profession in Oklahoma was just very bad, and I felt like if I stayed there I wouldn’t continue teaching,” she explained. “So, we just kind of threw it out there and here we are.” 

Other than English and Spanish, Ms. Mireles can somewhat speak French, although she says she’s not very good at it, and she joked about how she can speak fluent sarcasm. She can also count in German, and she thinks that it would be fun to learn German and speak it fluently. 

The school curriculum in Oklahoma is very different from the school curriculum here in Maryland, according to Ms. Mireles.  

“It just doesn’t seem like there’s as much rigor in Oklahoma. First of all, we don’t have block scheduling, so that was like the big thing to get used to, but it’s not as proficiency based in Oklahoma yet as it is here,” Ms. Mireles explains. “And so, it’s been a little bit of an adjustment, but I’ve always kind of been a proficiency teacher, so it kind of works out.” 

Now you know more about our new teacher Ms. Mireles, so stop by her room and say hi to welcome her to CHS.