Pamela Flynn: New Member of World Languages

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Pamela Flynn: New Member of World Languages

Bethlehem Wolde, Staff

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Pamela Flynn is one of the newest world language teachers at CHS, transferring from Owings Mills. While she was at Owings Mills, she was a department chair for 18 years and had a lot of responsibilities within the school, describing how “it was challenging because when there were problems they all came to me.” 

Ms. Flynn didn’t think she was going to be a Spanish teacher; her original interest was in equity and education, so she originally planned on studying on sociology but then later “found out I loved [education].” 

Ms. Flynn has spent a lot of her teaching career in Owings Mills, but she enjoys her time at CHS. 

“[I] absolutely love it–the students have been very friendly,” she explained. 

She also described Catonsville as “very community-oriented,” which she likes.  She has observed that Catonsville “seems very tightknit and stable” and that “people come to Catonsville to stay in Catonsville.” 

Along with teaching a culture, Ms. Flynn has also traveled to many different countries with each of their own cultures. 

“I’ve been to every country in the Caribbean where they speak Spanish, the US Virgin Islands where they don’t speak Spanish, and Haiti where they speak Creole. I spent eight weeks in China, Canada, of course, Mexico, and Belize to go fishing, Costa Rica, and Central America,” she said. 

Ms. Flynn speaks fluent peaks Spanish, and she can “order food in different things in Chinese.” 

Out of the many countries she has traveled to, Flynn said that China was one of her favorites. Back in China, she taught ESOL for 8 weeks. 

“I love China because I love the culture. I have very close relationships with three families in China. We still visit back and forth. And I love the Dominican Republic because I lived there,” she explained.