What Did Your Teacher Want To Be Before Teaching?

Denaijy Dorsey, Staff

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When people are asked about what they want to be when they get older, it varies from an engineer to a lawyer, nurse, doctor, fashion designer, artist, professional athlete, or just simply “I don’t know”. 

Most professions are based on what people enjoyed during their high school years, especially CHS teachers. 

Some teachers didn’t even plan on teaching but just fell into it after trying out a few others careers that didn’t quite suit them like they had wished.  

“I started out wanting to be a chef because as a hobby I really enjoyed. When you make your own food you appreciate it more and I just like food,” exclaimed Spanish teacher Molly Kovatch. 

“I also majored in psychology because I’m interested in how the mind works and getting to know the minds of other people. Although after my freshman year of college I changed my major to teaching, but I do still have great interest in psychology with dream analysis and just helping people overall,”  Ms. Kovatch continued. 

Some went through years of that professions and then decided that it wasn’t for them. They jumped through different ideas like not knowing what to do and being misguided.  

Principal Matt Ames was an art major. He then became a graphic designer, then became a lacrosse coach and was in school to become a teacher at the same time, and ended up being a principal. 

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to be but my art teacher in high school influenced me into the art program for college. I went to college to be a graphic designer and did that job for 7 years. After 7 years I didn’t enjoy it that much anymore, so I moved on and coached lacrosse while I went to school for teaching,” he explained.  

He found teaching to have a better work schedule. 

“The part I liked about being a graphic designer was working with the clients and getting the feedback from the clients, but I hated the deadlines because they were nearly impossible and I left work late around 10-11pm because of the deadlines,” Mr. Ames said. 

Some teachers just naturally knew what they wanted to do based on their interests in high school. They learned more about the subjects and then decided to teach it to others, which is how they ended up in this article! 

“I wanted to be an electrical engineer because my dad was one. I also am interested in math and science and went to college for that profession but didn’t finish. With engineering I like the solving problems and the fixing things part of it. Just being innovative,” engineering teacher Mr. Bochinski said. 

Many people are greatly influenced by their parents’ professions and that helps to ultimately make their decisions for their futures. 

“I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was in high school, all I knew was that I liked math and science but teaching wasn’t really on my mind. If I wasn’t teaching then I would give back to the community and be a good role model,” Math teacher Glenn Savage explained. 

It’s said that 20-50% of students go into college ‘undecided” and a big 75% change their major before they graduate off into the real world. Many students now in high school are indecisive and some know exactly what their going to do and what college their going to go to. But these same planned out students may change their minds about their future when their times come. Ask the teachers, they know!!