Heading to the Beach

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Heading to the Beach

Evan Pappas, Staff

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One of the best things about living in Catonsville is being close to the beach. When many people go to the beach, they only go to the beach or go to restaurant. Here are a few other options to add some variety to your next beach vacation.  

First, a good way to spice up your vacation would be to bring a friend. Usually parents are ok with only one person tagging along, and they can usually stay in your room. Having someone that isn’t in your family can make the difference between a boring trip and a relaxing time with your friends. 

“I love Ocean City. It’s easily accessible, and my family goes down a couple times every summer,” said sophomore Connor Green. 

Another fun thing to do at the beach is to go to the boardwalk. A lot of beaches have a long boardwalk that runs parallel to the ocean with many things to do on it. A lot of boardwalks will have amusement park rides or carnivals, and even piers to fish on or to look out into the ocean. 

Something you could also do at the beach is to collect things from the ocean and make art out of them. You could use seashells or anything you find on the beach and make whatever you want out of them.  

“If you love making craft projects, start collecting seashells to make lovely letter art,” according to Diyprojects.com.  

Another thing you could do at the beach is to have a picnic. Enjoying a nice lunch on a sand dune or just on the beach can be a refreshing way to have a good meal and to spend quality time with your family. The cliché outing is a good way to spend an afternoon or evening on the beach.  

“My mom made me go to the beach with her last weekend, and I thought it would be boring, but I had a good time. The beach was pretty scenic at times, and I enjoyed myself,” said sophomore Chase Bettick  

You should also consider what beaches are best to visit. Rehobeth is a good beach to go to with the family because it is only a few hours away and has nice relaxing beaches. Another good place to visit would be Myrtle Beach. It is always exciting to get away from places you have been and stray far from home. Myrtle Beach is a good distance away while still remaining on the East Coast. One last beach one could visit is Hilton Head. A little closer than Myrtle Beach, it offers marshes and streams to draw in many types of people.  

‘Sun, sand and surf. What more do you want from a beach vacation? Rehoboth Beach is renowned for its prime dolphin watching excursions, where kids can witness the ocean’s smartest creatures up close as they glide alongside your pontoon boat,” explains TripAdvisor.com.  

When going to the beach it’s good to add some variety to what you do so you don’t get tired of going to such a fun place. Try advertising some of these ideas to your parents, and your beach trips are sure to improve.