Summer Reading Recommendations

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Summer Reading Recommendations

Alexis Kahler, Staff

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Aside from the mandatory reading that Baltimore County makes its students do, there are many great books that rising sophomores plan to read and recommend to other students.

Freshman Jordan Johnson shared that she would recommend her favorite book that she’s read in school, Of Mice and Men because if its important lessons.

“I liked that the book showed the depth of the friendship between Lennie and George. Their friendship was strong and each one cared for the other a lot,” Johnson said.

She also explained how she would describe the book as “real” because the novel shows how “low class workers strived for the American Dream” but were “forced to face reality” in the end.

Varsity soccer player and freshman Casey Buckley said that she doesn’t really have time to read, but her favorite book to read and recommend is Divergent.

Some freshman however lean more towards books series.

“I love the Selection series and the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before books. The story lines are really sweet, and the character descriptions are great,” freshman Hannah Mueller shared.

Mueller also explained how she liked how its “written so that it keeps you hooked and draws you in.”

Freshman Mia Williams said that her choice of recommend would be the second book in the Hunger Games series.

“I don’t enjoy summer reading at all, but Catching Fire is a good book. I love the action and suspense throughout the book, but especially at the end,” Williams shared.

Some students enjoy selecting titles from a variety of genres.

“Even though summer reading kind of gets in the way of personal reading over the summer, I try and read one book on my own ever summer. I usually reach for mystery and thrillers because they keep me interested,” freshman Rose Warner explained.