Does School Prepare Student for the ‘Real World’?

Does School Prepare Student for the 'Real World'?

Li Chen, Staff

Students have been going to school since the age of six. They are in elementary school for six to seven years and go to middle school for another three. After many years of waking up early in the morning and spending over six hours in school each day, at last they have reached high school. High school is sometimes the best and sometimes the most stressful time of a student’s life.  

Everyday students come home with stacks of homework and lots of classwork, but the commonly asked question among students is “Does school prepare you for the real world.”  

Starting at the age of 14, students can begin to work for a short period of time to make some cash to either use it for food, video games, clothing, etc.  

“School don’t prepare me for the real world because I don’t learn how to pay taxes or bills. It’s important to go to school but that isn’t everything you need to be successful in life. School should provide more classes that can teach you important skills to be successful,” said junior Zach Cashour. 

School might educate you on many topics and teach you lots of lessons, but it doesn’t provide you with some life skills. Some life skills such as handling money, finding a job, and time management are not taught to students in school.  

“School helps because when we get a job we can use our knowledge we learned in school to help us out in the real world,” said freshmen Israel Mendes. 

Studies show that out of many students who graduate out of high school every year only 8 percent of them have taken a fundamental set of courses they’d needed to take to be both college and career ready. Often students who thinks that school doesn’t prepare them for the real world decides to drop out of school and try alternative ways to be ready for the real world. 

“School is helpful in many ways. It can create work ethic and teach students to abide by deadlines and develop critical thinking skills. Some activities the school has done to prepare students include Career Day, and teachers attempt to tie lessons into the outside world,” said English teacher Christina Ruzzi.