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Cast and Crew of Grease Speaks

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Cast and Crew of Grease Speaks

Denaijy Dorsey

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Every year, CHS has a spring musical. Last year was Cinderella, but this year we rode in with Grease! Musicals are very involving with students of multiple great talents. These students have a chance to showcase their talents through acting, dancing, and singing.  

There’s also a lot of work to go into the musical before, the lights! camera! action! 

Before the musical 

There’s the crew… 

“I’m in community liaisons and that means that all I really do is get the word out in the community and help organize fundraisers,” sophomore Sydney Hogarth stated. 

There’s a lot of endorsement and publication needed to fill the auditorium seats in Wharton Hall, so these students are a very big help with all of that.  

There’s also other crews, like props that have to have everything in the prop category near perfection. And then the show relies on the hair, costumes, and makeup to bring the whole appearance together, 

“I’m the director of hair, makeup, and costumes. I have to make sure all of the costumes are in order and make sure that everyone’s hair and makeup stays in place and looks nice before they go on the stage. Its really nerve wrecking,” junior Hannah Sykes said. 

Then there’s the cast… 

“I play Sandy, the leading role, I help to bring the whole musical and plot together. To prepare for my role I make notecards and rehearse songs with my friends that are in the same song or scene,” leading actress junior Lydia Newman explained. 

When there’s a theater production the whole cast helps each other and practices together because that’s what personally helps those actors/actresses. 

Some students like to get different views of their character by watching another person in that role and by seeing what works and what doesn’t. 

“I play Danny Zuko in the musical. To prepare for my role, I usually work on memorizing my lines at home. I try to get inspiration from others playing the role on YouTube. When practicing for songs, I try to get the feel of the music and if I mess up I stop, revise, and start again,” senior Timmy Huynh, the leading actor, stated. 

And others like to pretend that it’s the actual show night by recording and using microphones. 

“I play an additional Pink Lady, I sing, dance and basically react to everything! To prepare, I record dances and practice at home with microphones for the songs,” sophomore Hannah Stone said. 

There are a lot of different opinions on the cast and the musical… 

“It’s a really fun and classic show. The cast is awesome and its really fun to be part of!” Sykes exclaimed. 

“The cast has a lot of unity and commitment. The show is mostly student led and its really fun,”senior Yanna Taboada, who’s playing Cha-Cha the spicy dancer in Grease, exclaimed. 

Overall, before the show even went on the stage with an audience there were mostly good reviews on their experiences. 

But some felt as if the cast isn’t all treated equally because they all don’t have a leading role, 

“It’s fun, and a little annoying because the cast can be superficial if you’re not a big part, they kind of shun you. Some just don’t understand the concept of teamwork,”senior Kayla Cameron, who’s a part of the assemble had stated. 

After the musical 

As believed by most, the show received mostly positive reviews! 

“The musical went better than I thought it would. It surprised me at how many positives reviews that we had, ” senior Taboada stated. 

“The musical went as planned for the most part, but of course there were some line slip ups,” Huynh explained. 

As Huynh had explained, there were of course some slip ups during the performances. 

“There were mic malfunctions during the songs and some of the dresses popped open during the dances,” freshman Stephen Hook chuckled. 

Of course there was also nervousness on the stage before going on actually going on to the stage in front of the packed audience. 

“I was definitely nervous to mess up in front of the audience,” junior Autumn McCullum exclaimed. 

“I was a little nervous before each performance but I was alright when it was time to go on stage,” Huynh casually said. 

For some people involved in CHS’s theater department, Grease was their last high school show… 

Senior Taboada is unsure if she would keep pursuing theater in her future life. 

“This was my last year with Catonsville Theater. I’m unsure about if I want to continue in college. It’s a bittersweet moment, but I did end with a good production and my first lead role,” Taboada explained. 

Some people such as Cameron and Huynh will not continue this extra curricular activity to instead focus on their studies and careers. 

“It’s whatever because I want to shift my focus to biology, which will be my major going into college,” Huynh stated. 

“I want to try to continue with theater but it might conflict with my major of psychology,” senior Kayla Cameron explained. 

Senior Hope Cursey is very excited to keep pursuing theater in life to go off to bigger productions and see new things. 

“It’s sad that I can no longer do high school shows but I’m excited to branch off and meet new people along the way!,” Cursey exclaimed. 

Grease was overall a well rated show, selling out of all the tickets for both showing nights despite the very cold weather and rescheduling of the first showing because of the weather. 

Congrats to the theater department, and everyone that decided to put time into the show, for the amazing turnout. 




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Cast and Crew of Grease Speaks