Upper Classmen Help Freshmen Adjust

Upper Classmen Help Freshmen Adjust

Li Chen, Staff

Freshman are new to the school and they might not know the school well. Some common mistakes of a freshman are to get lost when they’re looking for their classes. Also, the time students have to get up for school is a new routine for many.  

But help and advice from upper classmen are the sources and secrets for success. 

“I know a lot of sophomores and juniors who helped me get used to the high school routine by showing me around the school and telling me where my classes are so, I won’t get lost. They often tell me when there is a basketball or football game, so I can go to them,” freshman Ryan Bruno commented. 

 Upper classmen will have many advantages over the freshmen because they have been in the school longer. They know what classes to take and how to get to each class effectively.  

“Upperclassmen can help to keep a freshman out of trouble and discuss problems. It can be nice to know that someone has your back once you became friends with them,” freshman Ricky Sears said. 

Most freshmen go into high school having friends that are upper-classmen. Upper classmen in school might be a grade higher than a freshman, but outside of school they probably are friends or at least know each other.

The benefits of interacting with upper classmen are knowing someone that has been in this school longer, and they can introduce a freshman to their friends. Upper class men are typically more experienced then freshmen since to them it’s just another day at school nothing new or old. 

“The times when I do talk to freshmen, it mainly about basketball because the players on the JV team would ask me for advice, and most of them are freshmen,” senior Amori Guadeloupe said. 

Freshmen often meet upper classmen in elective classes with students who aren’t in their grade level. They might have become friends through sports or group work in class or even hobbies that they share.  

“I know some sophomores, I met most of them from having classes with them like PE, Spanish, and any other classes that don’t just have freshmen in. They normally give me tips on school related problems, those advices often are very helpful and useful to me solving my issue,” freshman Ismael Diaz said. 

Overall, it’s beneficial that freshmen become friends with students that are Upperclassmen. They provide many advantages to the new students coming in to high school.